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 Objective Based Items Basics

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PostSubject: Objective Based Items Basics   Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:19 pm

The first thing one needs to know when concerning objective based items is that you must first switch the gametype in forge to place them. To do this you must press start when in monitor mode and click select gametype and change to the desired gametype. Once the round restarts in the desired game mode you are ready to begin.

Now when you open up the forge menu scroll through all the options until you arrive at "Objective based." In the case of CTF and Assault you will have the option of score and spawn points for the flags and bombs. The score point is obviously where you must take the object to win the round, and the spawn point is where the object spawns at the beginning of the round. Once the objects are placed where you would like them on the map you must edit the specific options for each item. Select one of the items and you may now change which team the object will be assigned to. On symmetrical based maps make sure that you include a set of both objective spawn points and score points.

Also note on the other various gametypes that Halo 3 features there is an assortment of other objective based items. The most prominent of which being territories, hills, and escort points. In the King of the Hill gametype you have the option to change the shape of the hill between a box and a cylinder, along with the option to change the dimensions of the hill to either increase or decrease its size. In Territories you have the option to place a variety of territories around the map which would be used to capture in a team based territory game. In VIP players have the option of creating various escort points. In forge you have the option of placing these escort points throughout your map to which players may have When placing an escort point you have the option of determining its size just as the hill does.
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Objective Based Items Basics
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